Legislation – Get Involved!

IACA has identified bills to watch in the 100th General Assembly.    You can view the entire bills at www.ilga.gov.  Update 8/29/17.

Haven’t entered a witness slip before?  See the bottom of the page for instructions.

Don’t know who your legislator is?  Go to www.ilga.gov and click on Legislator Lookup.

HB 2810 – introduced by Rep. Ryan Spain                                      Position – Support

Great news!  HB 2810 passed both Houses and will be on its way to the Governor’s Office for his signature.  You can help make this law a reality by writing to the Governor and asking that he sign HB 2810 into law.  Address your letters to Governor Bruce Rauner, Office of the Governor, 207 State House, Springfield, IL  62706.  Or go to https://www.illinois.gov/gov/Pages/default.aspx for an e-mail contact and phone number.  Thanks for your help!

IACA asked Rep. Spain to introduce HB 2810 to amend the Humane Care for Animals Act.  Our language will prohibit owners convicted of animal cruelty from getting their animals forfeited back.  It also makes it illegal for someone to obtain a forfeited animal through adoption or other means and return it to the original owner.

HB 812 – introduced by Rep. Sara Jimenez                                      Signed into Law


SB 1882 – Senator Michael Hastings                                                 Signed into Law


SB 641 – introduced by Sen. Linda Holmes                                     Signed into Law


SB 1342 – introduced by Sen. Linda Holmes                                      Signed into Law


Enter a Witness Slip – It’s Easy!

  1. Go to www.ilga.gov.
  2. Enter your bill number to determine which committee it has been assigned.
  3. Go back to Home page and click on GA Dashboard and follow these steps.file_witness_slip